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Democracy is a belief, a practice, a tool, as like a hammer. You can break the wall between rich and poor, or be a servant of powerful and beat the poor. I am trying to give a metaphoric relation with democracy. Like every ideology or system of governance, democracy itself has its good and bad. All that matters is the intention and implementation of the system. Undoubtedly nothing in this world can be done well without the good intention and honesty. I want to be clear about this idea about my.

Many people would like to follow democracy, also many blame democracy for failure. I will talk both good and bad sides of democracy.

Let I take example of my country, Bangladesh, which is a democratic country from its birth, suffering from the wrong application of democratic system, with heavy corruption everywhere.  Because of corrupted implementation, dishonest leaders and lack of vision; instead of empowering people, there are scarcity and piles of problems. Now if you blame democracy for the failure, it wouldn’t be so correct I believe. As I said democracy is nothing but a tool to be used by human. So to choose the right governance system for a country, the leaders and people have to look down of the culture, tradition, morality, norms, social values, leadership, power distance etc. to determine, so that later on it doesn’t bounce back as devastation. There are several democratic countries which are practicing real democracy with passion and vision, and became successful in their goals.

If I want to answer what is wrong with today’s democracy, I have to say the problems are in global incompatibility of a standard form of democracy. As each country’s background is different, so in case of practice should also be different, according to the need of country. F0llowing a standard form of democracy is the main problem with today’s democracy practice.

So from my point of view the possible solution might be, the integration with other political or governance systems of world with a democratic system, call it as ’50:50’ system, not fully democratic meaning not giving opportunity to do whatever you can do, and not fully communism or socialism or any other system means that citizens have own rights to choose and follow their preference. The time will say how beneficial it is for a specific country in a specific context.

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