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We learned about democracy in our last lecture. Democracy is one of the most important thing and every country is practicing it. The word “democracy” comes from two Greek words demos, meaning” the people” and kratein, meaning “to rule”. These two words are joined together to form democracy. Democracy is a political system in which the supreme power lies in the hand of citizens who can elect people to represent them. It also includes equality of all citizens, freedom and common rights and obligations of in individual.

Democracy was first practiced in Greek as the rich people were dominating the poor people. It was practiced to make the rich and poor equal. It was adept so that everyone will have their own rights. But I think that countries who follow democracy are not giving individual its right. The people don’t have the right and there is no freedom also. E.g.: India, Nepal and Malaysia also. I also belong from a democracy country but we don’t have freedom to do whatever we want. My country Bhutan is described as the youngest democracy in the world. Its political transition from a monarchy to democracy in year 2008. Bhutan is a country which has stepped into democracy newly, so it’s difficult for the people and the government to understand it. Democracy in my country is bit different from other country. In my country our king and the prime minister rules the kingdom. When we talk about Democracy it is also about politics. When there is politics there will be corruption.

From my own point of view I prefer Monarchy compare to democracy because I have seen in country doing unethical things during election time. There were so many corrupted things going on like People are asked to vote for the right person but they vote for their Family members and friends. They people were given money to vote for the Party and people were promised that they will build school road and all but when they win the election they will forget all their promises. Monarchy is peaceful and is in harmony compare to democracy where people fight and there is war in it.

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