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Systems of governance are what we were talking about in week 7. There are four systems of governance, such as monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship, theocracy, and democracy. Monarchy is the most organization in the world. It is a government that headed by king or queen, for example in Saudi Arabia and morocco, they use that system. Oligarchy is a system that group of people who seized power in the country. Dictatorship is a system that only one person who has seized and holds power. Besides that, theocracy is a system which religious official has all the power in the country. However, in the lecture, we were more focus on democracy. According to the slide that showed by our lecturer, democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decision that effect their lives. It is a freedom of speech of what the citizens’ desire in that particular country.

In Indonesia, we use democracy system. Thus, we can express our opinion and our feeling. Nowadays, many groups of students from universities often do it. It might be because they have critical thinking and many ideas to get purposes for our country. Some of them are right and they have positive aims to develop our country in piece, but there are also some groups who just do it in order to fulfill their own aims without any concern for others. With anger, overemotional, and disturbance others, those are bad way that people usually do to express their feelings. However, the decision is always from our government. In the other hand, sometimes, the government does not listen to us and they still do the same even though we already do it several times. And I think, it is not only my government who do like that, it also happens in every country that uses this system.

In my opinion, democracy is good, but it also depends on how we do it and how the government respects it. In a country, the government should not give freedom for the societies to do anything, because it can damage the country. However, the government also should not be so strict with the citizens, because they need some freedom to get a better life in that country. Thus, I think, government should listen to the societies and give freedom as long as it is not freedom to do bad things (ex: free sex, spreading any blue films, abortion, and etc.). In order to develop the country, the government should give brilliant decisions with concern for the societies and piece, so that they will be delighted and have enthusiasm to participate developing their country.

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