Week seven was the romantic week of current affairs when we learnt about democracy. When I entered into the lecture hall I heard the nice Hindi song “Zara zara a behta he”. Our lecturer played the song to inspire the students before starting the class. Students were surprised to listen to the music while entering into the lecture hall. Later on the lecturer explained that the music is to energize the students. However, the learning topics of that lecture were about different government systems such as monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship, and theocracy while the main focus was on democracy. In the lecture process, there was two way communications on the philosophical and intellectual overview of democracy.

The matter that attracted my attention was about the changes of human towards the morality from the religious beliefs. This is what exactly happening in my country right now. The government made the country constitution secular and trying to establish common ethical values rather than the religious differences. At the end of the lecture there was an interesting question asked by the lecturer which was “What is wrong with today’s democracy?” While I was thinking about the answer, the first term that came to my mind was marginalized minority. Our democracy system concerns more about the majority representation rather than the right policy.

After the lecture, there was a presentation about Kensiu (indigenous people). The lecture was very interested to me as it provided better ideas about marginalized minority which I thought as one of the critics of democracy. From the presentation I got a new concept of representation in democratic system. The example that the presenter mentioned was about Malay representative for the Kensiu community which is a silliness of the system.

The greatest lesson that I learned in this week was about correct representation of democracy system rather than majority vote. I suggest that the democracy system should have the place for every ethnic group and there should be justice for all regardless the minority or majority. The most enchanting moment of the lecture was the song that brought a new learning environment in the lecture.


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