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In week seven seminar on current affairs class we were taught about the political or governmental systems such as monarchy, dictatorship, republic that focused on class but the most important topic was democracy, so I will try to reflect my personal understanding and viewpoint about democracy. In the lecture we were asked two main questions those are what is political system in your country? Are you satisfied with this system? What’s wrong with today’s democracy and what can be possible better alternatives? Now I am going to write my reflective diary based on these two questions.

Democracy is a form of government where all citizens in a country have the equal rights to express their own opinion and also have equal power to participate to elect their representative. However Democracy is necessary for good governance when we are talking about justice and good governance, we must talk about the complexity of different concepts, values and practices. As the Greek poet said that “warm the blood like wine”. The Oxford classical dictionary tells us democracy comes from Greek word “Demokratia” that means rules of people. The fundamental political idea of democracy is freedom which means political liberty: the obligation to participate in decision-making but also the private liberty to live as a person preferred. It is also talk about the freedom of speak for basic need and sustainable livelihood.

My country practices democracy so Bangladesh is democratic country. No, I am not satisfied with this governance system although I don’t have any doubt against democracy because in my country government just say that this is democratic country but they don’t practice it properly to establish good governance.

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