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I have attended the first session of the lecture which was about the different types of conflicts, how they arise, and the geographical areas where conflict is abundant. This topic was very familiar to me because I have already learnt about the nature of conflicts in diversified environments which I have taken in my Intercultural Communication course. However, the discussion was about conflicts in general and what causes them. Based on my understanding, conflicts come in different contexts and have different magnitudes. It ranges from a conflict between two individuals to a conflict between organizations, countries, and even continents. The conflicts in bigger contexts such as those between organizations are mainly driven by political, religious, business, or mostly competition for natural resources. On the other hand, the conflict between individuals can also be caused by such factors.

When I hear the word conflict, it reminds me of a very great book that I have read “Secrets of People Whisperer” by Perry Wood. Wood (2007) says that “Conflict is natural and it is not a problem. The problem comes when you do not handle it properly!” This actually carries a lot of meaning, and it is applicable in real life. Once we realize that we are in a conflicting situation, it is better NOT to blame the fate, but to try to solve it wisely using our own approach productively. Furthermore, respecting other peoples’ views and opinions is a very crucial principle that solves many dimensions of conflict whether it is political or religious. All in all, I would like to conclude that conflict is inevitable in our daily lives, and taking the appropriate approaches to handle it will minimize the potential danger for misunderstandings.


Perry, W. (2007). Secrets of the people whisperer. London: Oxford Press.

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