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Current Affairs and Me: A journey of Self-Reflection – by Manadir Mohammad

Every day we face some new experiences in our life. Some we see, some we feel, and some we hear from the distant parts of the world. Before choosing this course, I have been thinking that ‘What should be my role to get over this study?” “How can I get the best out of the opportunities?” Then I tried to rationale the importance of this course. From the slightest idea, I can say that studying this subject is becoming more and more vital as we keep spreading our network all over the world and getting involved in diverse issues. From that perspective, I realize that, every incident is a matter of our outlook. The story revolves around our understanding and viewpoints. Thus looking at a particular issue through different viewpoints actually differentiates what we see and what is the inside story. So judging a certain person or even an event is never a child’s play.

First and foremost, this study distinguished between the current affairs and news. Is all the news we get is called current affairs? The answer is No. Because current affairs are considered only those issues or incidents which is happening in the world right now. But news may be comprised of past and future thoughts which may lead provocations to issue later on. Then the course provided me an excellent tool of analyzing and interpreting a current issue. This consists some windows through which we need to look upon an issue. These windows are such as Science and Technology, Environment, Globalization and Cultural.

Power, Identity, Status and Resonance are the components of our Globalization window. These actually represent the political, social and economic background of an issue. Entities like WTO, ASEAN, EB, EU, GATT, and UN etc. do manipulate the traders and industries across the globe in various circumstances, focusing on free flow of goods and trades beyond the physical boundary of a country.

Environment is one of the most significant windows to look through for an issue nowadays. As there are increasing number of natural disasters, deforestation, pollution, global warming, resource depletion such as oil, gas, uranium; the clash of superpowers to take over the control is getting overwhelming. Thus scrutinizing an issue with these factors take out many untold truth.

Another window is Cultural window. Through this, one can look upon the cultural background, intercultural relationships, media influences, information gate-keeping etc. aspects of the issue. In addition, Science and Technology facilitates us to examine what are the roles of technology and machines in an issue. This is now undeniable that the usage of mechanical and technical equipment give an edge to an issue.

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