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CSOs: A key factor for Global Development

1. List of participants

Moderator: Kyaw Khant 209110216

Panelist 1: Tahira Mohothar 209110169 Panelist 2: Ngu Wah Aye 209110153 Panelist 3: May Thandar Maung 209110144 Panelist 4: Wai Wai Ko 111100120

2. Topic “CSOs: A Key factor for Global Development”

3. General Outline

3.1. Thesis Statement

Undoubtedly, Civil Society Organizations are one of the most active and major players in implementing the Global Development and Sustainability agenda. This panel discussion aims to find out which sort of CSO should this generation focus on in order to bring the impactful changes and sustainable development of the world.

3.2. Explanatory details

-Importance of CSOs in today’s world

– Challenges of CSOs

– The most suitable CSO

Panelist 1: “At the side of skill development organization”

Points covered

• “Teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a life time”. Skills development organizations cover a very wide range of subject matter, ability level and age groups in the civil society.

• In most countries the state or government alone cannot provide sufficient access to high-quality training in skills to the civil society.


What if the individual is more interested in charity, than building up in his skill development?

Panelist 2: “At the side of charity organization”

Points covered

• Charity organizations are philanthropic in nature.

• Charity organizations are widely recognized as existing for social good because of the visible effectiveness on the society.

• The differences between charity organizations and others organizations.


Since your charity organization is just like giving a fish rather than teaching how to fish, which is only for temporary. Do you think that skill development organizations are more effective than your organization? Panelist 3:“At the side of skill development organization”

Points covered

• Skills development organization is to develop critical learning, life and entrepreneurial skills in order to become independent and successful learners.

• It will enrich the education and skills of our youth and it will transform their lives in positive ways.

• It will make people self-employed and employers of labor in society.


How do you think a person could be convinced to choose between skill development and charity organization in a civil society?

Panelist 4:“At the side of charity organization”

Points covered

• Charity Organizations shows the practice of Benevolence Giving .

• Charitable activities make a vital contribution to the economic, social and political sectors of a nation.

• The common major challenges faced by charity organizations.


Can we say that some of the charity organizations are better than others? How can we compare?

4. References‎

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