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Creating clone is interference in God’s matters

This lecture was about contemporary ethical issues and it was delivered by Mr.Fauzy. He did full justice with his topic and explained each and every aspect of issues clearly. First he explained about cloning that is creation of genetic copy of a sequence of DNA or of the entire genome of an organism. I came to know different types of cloning that are cloning for research and therapy and human reproductive cloning.

He also discussed the ethical issues regarding to cloning and I really agree with these issues. Because of cloning there will be loss of large number of embryos and fetuses and clone can be psychologically harmed. If a clone (person B) of personA is created then person B can be psychologically tortured. If person A is having more knowledge than person B, he can say to person B, oh you are artificial. So person B might get depression. Cloning process can also be risky for mothers.

According to my awareness, it’s also against Islam. Creating clone is interference in God’s matters. However, some people are in the favor of cloning and some are against. It’s still a question in my mind whether it is ethical or not.

After that he discussed about surrogacy that is: when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the infertile couple. He explained different types of Surrogacy. These types are as follows:

(1) Genetic surrogacy or partial surrogacy

(2) Total surrogacy

(3) Gustatory surrogacy or full surrogacy

First time in my life, I could get detailed information about surrogacy. I came to know about different pros and cons of this ethical issue. If I talk about pros of surrogacy, I can say that by this way a dream of having baby can be fulfilled. If baby is adopted, it can take a long time period to evaluate psychologically. Beside these pros there are so many disadvantages of surrogacy. There are so many children in need of a home but if surrogacy is applied, it will jeopardize the chances of adoption. One of the objections to surrogacy is comparing the physical aspects of it to a form of prostitution because in both cases one can view the women as selling physical, intimate, bodily services.

After that we were given knowledge about Euthanasia meant good death, but in modern society it has come to mean a death free of any anxiety and pain, often through the use of medication.

According to my approach about Euthanasia, it is unethical because it can cause societal disrespect for life, degrades humanity and leads to a diversity of social ills. If it becomes permissible, there will be possibility for abuse at the hands of caregivers.

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