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Corruption – A Destructive Evil

In the week 11 we learned about some more contemporary issues like Divorce, Corruption, and many other things. Here I would like to reflect on corruption as my country is facing this problem a lot.

I am from Bangladesh and it is very shameful that my country was in the top list for corruption and the current position is 11. It is a developing country and many people are not getting their basic right, but the government is not bothering this issue at all. They are busy in taking money under the table and making their own houses in different countries, buying Ferrari car, creating account in foreign country banks. Moreover the corruption is not only limited to the government, the officers like police, government service holders are so much corrupted that anyone can do anything if they have money. For example, if a person does not give bribery his/her file won’t get passed. Therefore they must pay the bribery.

The reason of this corruption is less salary and also injustice. When a person get only TK 5000 in a month from the office, it becomes very tough for them to maintain their family. Therefore they try to earn some extra money by corruption. Another reason is injustice that pushes people towards corruption. For example, when a person is taking a police job, he/she needs to pay about TK 200000. So after getting the job they try to get back that money by doing corruption. Hence the full process of delivering different services becomes a corruption cycle.

In my opinion, in order to eradicate corruption we need to eradicate poverty first and then we also need to educate them on the ethical values against corruption. Another important thing that needs to be done is justice.

This class mades me think of the effect of corruption that keep my country leg behind from the development.

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