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Contemporary Ethics – Part 1

In week 9, we had a lecture given by Mr Faoisy on the Contemporary Ethics issues (Part 1). During the lecture, we discuss so many ethics issues nowadays.

So, what is the meaning of Contemporary Ethics?

Contemporary ethics is an examination of different normative ethical theories including consequentialism (act- and rule- utilitarianism and ideal utilitarianism), deontology (Kantianism and intuitionism), virtue ethics and feminist ethics, followed by the application of these theories to a selection of contemporary moral problems including famine and world hunger, war, abortion, infanticide, mercy killing, suicide, surrogacy, and cloning.

Abortion is one of the example of contemporary ethics, abortion means the termination of pregnancy by removal or expulsion from uterus of a foetus or embryo. In the past two years, there were a famous abortion issues were going on around Malaysia. This issues had become serious because every months there were about 10 to 15 issues of fetus or baby dumping in public toilets, in schools, even in the drains. This is obviously shows that the issues became out of control during those years. However, the government manage to reduce is by finding out the responsible people and issued the penalties for them. At the same time, there were so many articles and advertisement on saying “NO BABY DUMPING , and schools also took action by giving more motivation about the consequences of this matter to the students and parents.

In my point of view, this is an unethical issues which happened around us where we should be more alert and brave enough to face with all those problems. However, during the lecture, there was a question which has been asked, either the abortion is better than baby dumping or not. In respond to this question, it would be better to do the abortion in the first month of pregnancy, but if the people can’t do so, they should be more responsible for the baby and they can find a better way to solve the problems. Instead of doing baby dumping in the drain, toilet bowl or rubbish bin, they can have another choice by place the baby in front of other people houses or at the social welfare place. This would be better to dump away the babies’ improper manner. This is very important to make sure that every human being has their own right.

In tutorial class, we had a simple discussion about this contemporary ethics. We had to ask two of the representatives from our class members who need to sit in front and they must answer the questions which will be given by the fellows. This is to help everybody to come out with the critical thinking questions and this will enhance their knowledge by taking the ideas or answers given by their friends. That was an interesting way of class activity.

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