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Contemporary ethical issues

This week, we have  learnt about contemporary ethical issues such as cloning, abortion, suicide, surrogate motherhood and euthanasia. All these issues are cause by the development in science and technology. Though the progress of science has brought a lot in the development of our world, yet I believe it is causing many harms, too.

Many scientists have adopted the idea to artificially reproduce human being, an action which is known as cloning. Cloning, I believe, is one of the most harmful actions that science and technology has brought to us. I mean, for what sake do we even think of artificially reproducing human being? Some pros to cloning would answer by saying: we may need their organs or we use them as frontline soldiers, etc…

However, before we even create them, what we need to think of is: will we consider them or will they consider themselves as equal human being to us or just some living things made out of genes? Of course not. So excepting to create a giant cloned army is merely unrealistic because in case they think of themselves different from us, then we, human beings, would have created an army to fight ourselves.

Another example is animal cloning. I believe no one would like to eat or consume cloned beef. How do we even know it is healthy? That’s is a question that everybody should ask him or herself.

For the sake of the nature and the one of human being, cloning should never be accepted in our society. If cloning is allowed, then we shall all prepare ourselves to start fighting the enemy we would create and we shall all prepare to eat some cloned beef in our hamburgers or a piece of cloned chicken in our dinner plate.

Now let’s talk about euthanasia.  On my own I consider this term as a licensed way of killing. So, is there a better and unpunished way to kill? Doctors who has practiced euthanasia should probably answer to this question. Every year there are plenty of people who recover from very critical health conditions. The longer a person is able to live, the more chance we should give him or her to recover from the disease. We shouldn’t kill anyone just because they have stayed very long in coma. There are probable chances that the person wakes up one day.

To sum up, the more develop our society is getting, the more maladies it is getting, too. We should n’t let our human dignity be fooled by science and technology. Let’s develop our society for the better of our kind and for the better of our world.

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