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Conflicts (week 4) by Nur Natasha Aziz

Today for week 4, we are learnt about conflicts that was briefing by Dr Ahamad Faosiy Ogunbado. Conflicts have many types from different aspects such as the nature of conflict and the conflict areas, typology conflict, geographical regions, political conflict and religious conflict. Besides that, Dr Faosiy had covered for two week for this week. It is because at the first week we had public holiday during current affairs lecture. So, they are moving to week 4.

Started of lecture, we are discussed meaning of conflicts to us. For Dr Faosiy, conflict is to strike together but for me conflict it was happens when someone argues which one person is agree and another person was disagree. In Al-Quran also discovered conflict is exist. Example,story about Qabir and Kaber conflict in Al-Quran. That story gives a good example to us to be more understand about conflicts. Dr Faosiy was started lecture with the nature conflict is referring to those units which initiate conflict, purse it and determines it’s out comes. In Syria, they have conflict when there are fighting for position. I think that things should not be happens. There are three parties’ category conflicts. First, conflict evaluation, where is about disagreement over means and ends. Second, differential reward likes have rewards and punishment. Third, contending contents which is survival or scarcity that involve every parties have to fight.

Then, he talked about environment. As we know, environment is important to us. Environment is ecosystem concept which is really helps us. For example, trees are very important to us for give oxygen and absorb carbon oxide.  Environment is a structured which is parties’ behaviours such as collective bargaining. Furthermore, behaviour conflict which is each party proposes to achieve its goal. There have three basic types such as persuasion, coercion and reward. As we know these three things are given us guide about environment and also the others. Depend to us how we want to apply it. For me, we do not need coercion to do something benefits to us and just think have reward instead all we did.

Besides that, we are talked about behaviour, political and ethics. All of these kinds are related each other. For example, behaviour is symbolic to our personalities; ethics is to distinguish between right and wrong; and politics is often an obstruction to good government. Political always definition as what are guarantee to people. That is why many activities will be happens involving social welfare when around voting for election. They try to persuade and attract people to vote them. Sometimes I do not it is they are sincere to do all that things or just want position. Because of that, I do not like to know about politics. I afraid if take a wrong decision. A good leader is very important to bring something good to us.

Dr Faosiy also discussed about religious, irredentism and separatism, terrorism and non-violent alternatives. All these things I just know religious and terrorism. When I saw topics religious and terrorism, I like can review back one movie which is about religious and terrorism. Movie’s title is I Am Not Terrorist that performed by my hero Shah Rukh Khan. This story is about a Muslim man (Shah Rukh Khan) had married with Hindus girl which has son. Then her son death without know any causes. As result, police classified it caused from religious conflict. Because at that time, they are said Muslims are terrorist. That man decided to meet America President and prove that Muslim is not terrorist. I just summaries to very simple story if want to know more you can watch that movie. What I can say this movie very interesting and have their own message to tell audiences. Furthermore, irredentism is define as any position advocating annexation of territories administered by another state on the grounds of common ethnicity or prior historical possession, actual or alleged “Pan movement” and separatism is a social system that provides separate facilities for minority group. It likes desire or action of group to join either a nearby stated dominated by its ethnic. For example, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany have used their language area. Lastly, is about non-violent alternatives topic.  Gandhi said which is real power of non-violence is to create and construct. I not understand why Gandhi said indicated like that. For me non-violent is something we should agree. Violent is not given any advantages to people. I hope do not have any violence more. All country should practice non-violent at their country. So, we can avoid from war and anything given suffering to people.

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