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Conflict in the nations by Jahirul Islam

Conflict is a fact of life. Nowadays, it has become phenomenon events. Nevertheless, I feel like to clarify about conflict whatever our honorable lecturer showed us clear views about conflict in the class. Now I would like to state about conflict. Most of people think conflict means combat, wars and violence. But conflicts takes place in every stage in our daily life.

In addition, conflict occurs when two or more groups have different purpose as well as conflict happens when people do not show dignity for one another’s views and desires. However, sometimes conflict can be helpful to bring justice from injustice society. Conflict can form new society. For instance, in India had customs like “SATI DAHO PROTHA” (burning the window with dead husband). Sati –daho-protha a practice wherein the widow was obligated to sacrifice herself with her death husband on the funeral bonfire. It was really cruel ritual practice for widow women.

It was eradicated by noble Indian leader Raza Ram Mohan Roy and he was the pioneer to remove such kind of injustice for women from society. He was capable of altering civilization. However, when conflict becomes violence and then it will be harmful than good. There are many conflicts occurring in the globe such as environment conflict: when one or two parties involved in a decision making procedure dissimilarity about activities which has a probable to partake an influence on environment.

For example, greenhouse effect which might destroy environments. It is happening because of developed countries and underdeveloped countries are affecting by greenhouse effect. Even though, underdeveloped countries are not liable for this. The underdeveloped countries such as Bangladesh, in another words, environment conflicts is clash which occurred because of environmental scarcity of a resources.

For example, land, water, climates, soil, forest, atmosphere. If these are insufficient for people, then there will be environmental conflict. For instance, in summer season, Bangladesh falls in trouble owing to lack of water and the people of northern part cannot produce paddy which is main crops for farmers and they have to wait for plough and that period neighboring countries do not provide water. As a result, conflict occurs with neighboring countries. On the other hand, I would like to share the history of Syria conflict, the conflict had happened between two parties between forces loyal and the Syrian Ba’ath government. The protest movement known as Arab spring. The conflict started on 15 march 20011 in Syria. Bashar al-Assad was the president of Syria. Demonosters claimed to get the letter of resignation of President Basher al-Assad. His family was ruling the countries approximately five decades of Ba’ath party rule. The president was commanded Syrian Army to defense from rebellion in April 2011.

Afterwards month of military destruction, the strikers were get involved in fighting against government ‘solders. In this rebellion, on 2 January2013, According to United Nations more than 60000 citizens dead. There were so many people who left from Syria to their neighboring countries. This type of conflict is surely harmful for nations. Therefore, the powerful country such as china, USA, England and United Nations should take actions not to occur such kind of rebellion in the world. Furthermore, Afghanistan, Iraq had been attacked by the powerful country such as America which had destroyed nations through wars. This conflict happened because of own interest and they had purpose to obtain many things from those countries such as oil, gas and so on. Therefore, the powerful countries should not attack on weak nations.

Moreover, there are so many conflict occurs in a country. For illustration, conflict in industry, when employers work in industry, if they do not get enough salary and the owner of industry only take advantage from labor. Consequently, workers conflict with the owner of company to get justice for their hardworking. Nevertheless, when conflict becomes violence and then it will be hazardous for human being than good. Consequently, nations can be ruined because of wars, violent and rebellion. Finally, I would like to say that government and public should assist one another and government should not misuse power which might effect on people of a nation. So, both parties should co-operate one another to make a better living place and to make impartiality societies for human being.

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