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Concept of Globalisation

The concept of globalization is really broad. Though I have been introduced to this topic when I was in school but I have had less knowledge on globalization. My mind insisted that globalization is a destruction, it kills our culture, steals our resources and so on. Sincerely I failed to realize or critically think the benefits of the globalization.

Professor commenced by giving us a task which asked us to write our own opinions or definitions of globalization. Through which he understood our understanding about the topic. What I thought about globalization was, the world which becomes a single nation virtually in terms of its culture, trade and other matters. Though my understanding did not cope completely with my lecturer’s, it had a portion which cope with his.

Professor mentioned a statement which is “Globalization made you an alien to your own locality”. I felt this during my visit to home after two years. My eating habits have been changed as according to Malaysia’s. There is a little deviation in my accent as well. People from my village might have think that I am trying to show off but the reality is different.

One of the impacts of globalization is changing the originality. I am not sure of my statement but professor Avengelous elaborated this with a good example. Thaipoosam is a popular event or more likely a religious festival among Hindu devotees. It was originated from India but Hindus in Malaysia though their native place is India celebrate this festival in a different way.

In the latter part of the lecture we discussed about the rationale behind globalization. In which professor said cinema and drama contributes much to globalization. Precinema period literature did the same job but with a less impact. In my perspective globalization is good but should be controlled in order to avoid cultural destruction.

Week 5- Reflective Diary

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