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Cloning, Surrogacy, Euthanasia, Abortion and Suicide

This is already week 9 lecture and we just remain 3 week more to finish our second trimester. The lecture for this week is about contemporary ethical issues. These are first 5 issues that we discussed together on class such as abortion, suicide, euthanasia, cloning, and surrogate motherhood. For each issue the lecture went through its concept and the important thing to be known here is the ethical aspect of each one. In this week lecture, I have known about 2 situations of creation people (cloning and surrogacy) and 3 more for meaning of taking the survival of humans (such as euthanasia, suicide and abortion).

Initially, Dr. Faosy introduced to students something which is called as cloning. It refers to somatic cell nuclear transfer – SCNT. Cloning is known as the creation of a genetic copy of a sequence of DNA of an organism. There are 2 types of cloning: cloning for research a therapy that means for replacement things while another type is human reproductive cloning which is transplantation part of organism. Besides that, we discussed on ethical aspects of this issue. Cloning causes genetic damage to the clone, the mother will get health risk and cloning bring very low success rate. Also, the clone may be psychological harmed and lead to a complex familial relationships. For instance of this issue, I can consider the situation of Dolly lamb that I used to be hear about since I was at high school. A popular sample that most of people in the world have ever known about is Dolly lamb. It is resulted from a cloning process which transplants DNA and cells of an organism to create another organism people nowadays called as Dolly lamb. After the result, there is a clone lamb which same like a copy other lambs. In fact, I have never heard about cloning that occurred in my respective country. I just studied and knew about this science achievement through my academics. I personally do not follow or support those kinds of thing which against what God has created.

Secondly, I want to share in my reflective diary here is surrogacy. It all means about one woman carries and give birth to a child for another woman. This kind of situation soon appeared in develop country and rich couples and to those couples who cannot afford to give birth by themselves. We can look at surrogacy from other perspective and judge it depending on situation. I believe that surrogacy is not totally wrong. Let take an example that one couple cannot give birth by themselves because of bad health of the husband or the wife, but these couples really desire to have children to make their life happier and warmer. In this condition, I can say that surrogacy may be a useful method for these couples. Besides that, it better if the surrogate mother is the ones who are their own family members. I have ever heard about this issue that the mother carries and gives birth to her grandchild since the daughter cannot do that. At that time, I was surprise that how people can do such king of thing, but now I understand that surrogacy can be considered as ethical for infertile couples in my point of view. However, some people may disagree with me about this situation and there is several of scientific evidence of harm of surrogacy as well as ethical dilemma such as it is the way of selling bodies and functions of the surrogate mother for money and it turn babies into commodities. In my opinion, surrogacy should not be legalized but in some essential cases it should be permitted.

Also, we studied about euthanasia. This is my first time to hear this strange word. It is known as good death and mercy killing which free of any anxiety or pain through use of medicine. This issue I just see in the movie and in the real life I believe that there are a lot. In my point, I do not really support this action since in my belief only God is the one who created mankind and also God is the only one who has the authority to take our life but not the human ourselves. Despite of bad condition, suffering status, miserable life cause us hopeless we still have to accept it and live till last breath to be deserve with what God has given us. Moreover, I think most of people do not agree with euthanasia because it is the way of destroy societal respect for life.

I want to talk shortly on two last issues which are suicide and abortion. Suicide is an act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Worse than euthanasia, I personally oppose suicide as it is a meaningless death. It does not make any sense just to finish your life by killing yourself. Instead of causing yourself to death why do not you think positively again towards your life because no one lives in suffocation and misery whole life but rather than that we should look at the problems with optimistic view and keep on survival. That may be helpful to release negative thinking in the world life.

Lastly, as I mentioned in the earlier paragraph abortion is last issue discussed in this week lecture. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by expulsion baby. This is an argumentative ethical issue facing in many countries. Many people struggle for this dilemma as it is also the way of killing innocent lives while others support it as a free method from difficulties in life for mother and child. In my belief, whatever life is, how hard the challenges are people should not take death and killing as the way of escaping this life. Abortion is a great mistake that destroy an innocent life still in the womb and this life. In Islamic law, we consider abortion is a kind of murder if the baby formed more than one month is eradicated for whatever reason. Also, in other religions, I believe that abortion is never accepted as a good way with reasonable exceptions. For instance, a girl is raped and she gets pregnancy then how she deal and face with difficulties, with public opinion, bad circumstance to grow the child up in her life of a young mother without husband. In this situation, if abortion is considered as no choice any more for her then it is ethical. Many countries in the world have legalized abortion even in my own country there are a lot of aborted cases from young and unaware teenagers. That should be discussed seriously and have better solution for the problem.

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