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Cloning / Surrogacy / Euthanasia /Abortion / Suicide

Cloning / Surrogacy / Euthanasia /Abortion / Suicide

Cloning is not a good ethical act. For example if doctors starts to do human cloning. People will get confuse between two. There was a story of cloning. There was a man who made the cloning machine but wanted to test whether that machine really works or not. So he asked his friend that lets experiment that. There were two sides of the machine so each lied down both the sides. The friend volunteered to clone himself as this man was. Unfortunately, in the process of cloning his friend dies. This is just one disadvantage part of cloning there are a lots which can harm people and also society as a whole.

Surrogacy is also one of the ethical issue which is hard to solve in today’s society. Seeing surrogacy from positive point side, it is good since some girls who really wants to bear a child so this fulfills their wish to do so. But taking as negatively, surrogacy is like selling a baby and those emotions and relationship in the pregnancy period. (9months). If this is so, there will be no value of child and mother as giving birth will become something as commercial thing to do.

Abortion is very common during high school or university days. Teenagers doesn’t take safety precautions while having sex. But for some, like pregnant wife, if she is bearing a child but weak to deliver her baby. This is an ethical issue where we face a big deli mea.

Furthermore, suicide is an unethical act, people think of suicide when they have some problems which hurts them emotionally, mentally, spiritually and when there problems are not solved they think of suicide. This types of problems they get from the society.

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