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Ethics in Christianity defines concepts of right or virtuous and wrong or sinful. I chose to write about Christianity from among the many other very new religions and beliefs we discussed in class. Some of them like Zoroastrianism, Confucianism etc. were never heard of before and I got to learn some very interesting facts about each religion and what it holds for the followers. From what I have known about religions, Christianity is the second religion I heard most of and the first religion besides Islam I have known most.

Christianity for a Muslim is easy to understand, as Muslims we believe Jesus as the messenger of God and the belief in one god is similar both in Islam and Christianity. Beginning of Christianity is in the mid first century from the near east. As per the teachings of Christianity, it has been misunderstood and changed by the church in many different ways. Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant are the three main divisions in Christianity. According to what I learnt from Wikipedia about what actually divides these divisions or sects I found that Issues such as the nature of Jesus, the authority of apostolic succession, eschatology, and papal primacy separate one sect from another. However As per right and wrong Islam and Christianity, almost everything are similar except where misconceptions have been brought up as time passed.

Some of the major misconceptions which lead to ethical issues within Christian beliefs according to my knowledge has been the different concepts or beliefs of who Jesus Christ really is. While part of Christians believe Jesus to be God himself, some believe Jesus to be the son of god where trinity comes and the rest believe Christ to be a messenger from god like all the Muslims.  Due to these differences in the beliefs it’s quite clear that very few Christians really understand and know what the true Christianity is.  As for what we Muslims believe, Jesus peace and blessings be upon him to be a messenger from god and it has clearly been

To conclude, Christianity is not a separate religion but Islam. Bible revealed onto Jesus have been mentioned in the Holy Quran and Allah (SW), answers some of the misconceptions of Christianity. For example when Christians claimed Jesus couldn’t have born without a father, Allah mentions to look at how he created Adam the first human on earth without any father or a mother. So if god is capable of bringing a human without parents, a fatherless is much easier for the Almighty. And also Allah mentions in the Holy Quran “Say (O Muhammad) He Allah is One (meaning Non-composite He cannot be divided like the divisible one. He possesses Infinite existence)”. ”Allah, the Everlasting Refuge “.”He begets not (i.e. nothing has been separated from his Exalted Nature), nor is he begotten (i.e. he did not separate or come out from another being)”. ”And there is none like Him (because every other being has been created, and is dependent, save Him the Independent)”.(Quran: Chapter 112, verse 1-4). May we all be guided to the right and may the Almighty, All Powerful show all of us the right way to live.

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