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Chanakyanism by Nasridin (week 4)

In this week we studied about Persian, China and Japan and some other ethical behaviors from different religions.  From Persian we learned about ethical behavior from Zoroastrianism perspective. There are in this religion 3 common goals which are Good saying, Good deeds and Good thinking which is very common. And, I want to add something to my lecturer saying which was about Avesta book which only some part of it come to us. I am Persian and during schools we studied about Zoroastrianism that in this religion they worship Fire and they think Zardusht which was the creator of this religion they call him as God. During wars between other Empire if I do not make mistake it was between Islamic Empire they burned Avesta book because of that Zaroast people Write this book on the skin of animals by Gold and only some of this part come to us others was burned. Beside this in Persia after this religion Islam come there and there were more scientist who is mos popular in the world as Al-Ghazali, Ibni Sina which known as Avicenna and so forth.

In our tutorial we studied about so many religion and so many Ideology there were so many thing which were new for me by the end of the class my lecturer told us to choose one of the topic  to write reflective diary about it which we do not know about it. I think the main point of doing it is to learn something new ideology or religion. For me I choose one of the religion which most of the people does not know I think and form also it is new things to learn. It is Chanakyanism which means save soul.

The definition of Chanakyanism is a neologism which although derived from Chanakya is used for diverse but interrelated ideologies of political conduct and personal power. Chanakyanism is more than 2300 years old. The book written in Sanskrit which is the language of ancient time and rather tedious and difficult to understand. Chanakya is the founder of Chanakyanism. Chanakya was born in an era of radical changes and massive political confusion. It was an era of invasion of India by Alexander the Great, Destruction of the old political order by Nanda Empire, the rise of Buddhism and Jainism and their conflict with Vedic religion and finally the unprecedented rise of Chandragupta Maurya. Chanakyanism is an honest acceptance of this unethical element of Human Nature. It is beyond ethics and morality .The general approach is pragmatic, practical and aimed at acquiring and maintaining power and material wealth. Unlike the ideals of the Ramayana and Ahimsa of Jainism – Chanakyanism is complete pragmatism. It focuses upon how people behave and what strategies work in actual practice.

There is not so much information about Chanakyanism but I could manage to get some information about it. And, I am very happy that today I learned something new and I understand as much as I could. The overall of Chankayanism is that it is not discussed about the moral values but it discussed more about human nature.

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