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Can we say that humanity is progressing?

After the lesson I had today, I learned some intriguing lesson given by the lecturer that applies in our daily lives. First was the question provided by my lecturer, “Can we say that humanity is progressing?”

That depends on each individual’s point of view. We can say that humanity’s life has tremendously improved due to the advanced technology such as transport vehicles, computers and weapons. With the latest technology, our lives indeed have become faster and relaxing such as e-mailing from computer or sending short messages (SMS) from our mobile phone instead of using pigeons and using cars, trains, ships or airplanes to reach our destination rather than riding horses. However, on the other sides of the coin, there is one and most important value of humanity has not improve at all, that is the value of morals and ethics.

In the past, most homes do not set up fences or gates around their houses because they do not fear of inviting the thieves and robbers and they believe that they will not take their lives as all they want is just money. A good example is my foster mother from Australia, Melbourne. She lives somewhere up the hills and there are no fences or gates around the house. I was surprised and ask her whether is she afraid of letting thieves break in or not. Although she replied that hoping it will not happen to her, but she still believes even if there is a robber, all they want is just money and not their lives. I begin to realize that in her belief, live of being free and happy is more important than money. She has a strong friendship with her neighbors and friends from towns. It is a pity that not many people have the same beliefs as her as most people concern more on money and profit rather than relationship. Most of the times I saw the ugly side of human through drama shows. But in reality, it is happening in our world even now. Some good examples are politicians, businessmen, lawyers and doctors.

Many businessmen and politicians prioritize their reputation and profits before concerning the welfare of the citizens. Backstabbing each other backs to gain more power and take over their business. Doctors and lawyers have to pledge an oath, swearing to help only the people who are in needs and use their skills ethically and honestly. Despite that, many of them do not follow what they had sworn. Some doctors only help people that have money that meet their requirement while some doctors accept bribery and give their clients drugs that should not be used by ordinary citizens. Same goes for the lawyers. Most lawyers too accept bribery and only help their clients that are able pay their fees. They can also make the dead become alive through evidence and facts they found. However, some evidence may not be true.

Some of the 4 professionals I mentioned above could make my blood boils and urge me to kill them as some of them could do outrages thing just for money. Businessmen and politicians hire assassins to terminate or threaten their enemy for their own gain. Doctors are paid to assassinate people and dishonest lawyers creating ways and false facts to win the case.

Speaking of lawyers, it reminds me of the article given by my lecturer. The article is about a debate between two famous people, Callicles and Socrates. In this article, I notice that only Socrates is doing the questioning while Callicles just reply the questions without repelling back. In my case, it is because Socrates provides questions that are undeniable facts and Callicles could not deny it. This applies to court cases. You need to have solid evidence and facts to prove your innocent or accusing the guilty one. One will lose the case if they do not provide strong evidence as lawyers are good at playing with words. That is why I said that they have the power to bring the dead back alive and make things false into true.

In conclusion, if all of us to not follow the rules created by the government how can we create a peaceful world where we can live safely. The rules are just for show if we do not follow them. Let me say this clearly, I support people who break the rules if they are doing good for everyone as some rules are there only to protect some rascals that harms us. Still, we should take note of the correct time and place to do so. In general, we should abide the rules for a stability community.

Reflective Diary – Week 3 – Monday, 28th January 2013

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