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Business Ethics by Nasridin (week 5)

This week we did not have our lecturer class because, there was Chinese new year and we had holiday for three days. On Wednesday our classes started but on Thursday had our tutorial for ethics. In this class our lecture continued our previous class but in this time we had some kind of activity which was very affective for us. It was about choosing one of the topics and find ethical and unethical issues. One of the topic which I like mostly is Business ethics.

One of the common unethical behavior in business is corruption. Corruption nowadays is the main problem which the world facing it and cannot overcome it. As we seen every where of the world has got this problem. When someone has a lot of money and they can do whatever they want and they can do any kind of business and no one can tell them anything. Take an example when, the one who sell meats and some product which can be destroy easily. They may pay the one who has responsible to check weather their meat is destroy or not in order to give them a check that it is good and fresh. They will not think about other people, they will think just how can they earn more money. Because of this I think the most unethical issue in business is corruption.

Another unethical issue in business is monopolist which means take one product to import or export and not allowed others to import or export that product. It is also I consider as unethical business because when only one person can bring one product and other not allowed its means that he can put ay price for it and no one can say anything. When there are more people to bring one product there will be competition between them and all of them want to make cheap price in order to find more clients. Because of this I think monopolistic should be banned so that there would be competition between entrepreneurs.

The good things in business is that entrepreneurs  bring product in order to help society to find everything with suitable price. When entrepreneurs will do business only for this reason, their business will grow up faster and they will be successful in their life because they are helping society and God is helping them.  Another good thing is that when they will make business without lying this will be a wonderful business at all. I think that is all I can say about it.

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