Between two persons of similar gender

God created so many creatures in this world. Every creature has two gender, male and is not only in human being every plants, animals, bird and so every creature, male and female have some different qualities between each other. These different for identify the person male or female. As a man kind we well known to differentiate male and female from the ancient time, trough religions and faiths taught to mankind, marriage between different genders. It is the one acceptable in the society. But now a day we can hear about gay marriage or same gender marriage.

Same sex marriage, popularly known as gay marriage. This is the marriage between two persons of similar gender.  From the ancient time so many countries have history of that. Same sex-marriage has existed for centuries, most unions involving same sex were no brought to the community, and who were involved in such unions faced a lot of problems.

However, towards the turn of the twenty first century, gay groups and same-sex families begun to talk for their rights. As a result many countries have begun to legalize same-sex marriage. In 2001, Netherlands became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage

In the view point of religions and social factors not allowed to get marry with same gender, because it is against to the nature or god’s creation. The foundation of marriage should be looked at from all perspectives. Marriage provides husband and wife; mother and father and is a channel to child is born. The relationship between children and parents, the family unit, are all stranded in marriage relationship between a man and a woman; not same sex relationship.


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