Arab Spring

For today’s, we had earn about Arab spring. We already known that people in Arab region stand up to shout their right and wanted democracy in their region. The Arab people don’t want any more to live under dictator. They just wanted government which can heard all their opinion and idea about how to rule their country.

But, in class our lecturer has shown to us one reality show where they had given opportunity to Arab people to give their idea and opinion about Arab Spring. The reality show is TED. From this reality I can see that many people from Arab region are against government now. They want justices and their right back.

For me, lesson for this week very good because when lecturer exposed student with new method of learning, the student will able to give their attention. I also became excited with the presentation and surely wanted to see another video when it’s finish. Furthermore, the video it’s self totally enjoyable beside they provided the subtitle so, easy for student to understand it. I hope for next class the lecture will be fun like this week lecture.


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