Application of Ethics

Ethics Understanding, acceptance, and application of ethics are important to individuals and groups for several reasons. Ethics are our basic beliefs, and they come into play constantly. Many times we are using our personal ethics and we are not even aware of it. I would like to talk about understanding, acceptance, and application of ethics are important to individuals and groups. Understanding ethics is important to individuals because ethics are part of being human. Understanding your own ethics is important to understand one’s self as there are Relativist, Utilitarian, Virtue and Deontology methods in understanding or having a moral judgment about an issue. Understanding the ethics of others is important in communication and relationships. It is also important for individuals to understand the ethics of others in the workplace. This allows individuals to be productive and positive in a group; it also helps stay away from conflicts and resolve conflicts.

Application of ethics are important on individual levels because a person who applies their ethics are true to themselves. Application of ethics also makes an individual who they are. Application of ethics on a group level is also important because it allows people to act in a way that they are proud of. It also allows a group to be responsible for their actions. If a group shares ethical beliefs the application of them will also be based on a common idea. As examples it can be based on religion, mentality, situation, gender and act. Application of ethics by individuals and groups shows confidence. This can lead to pride and a group mentality

As we were given with a problem and different answers we had to choose one among those. Each of the answers were based on or representing Relativist, Utilitarian, Virtue and Deontology methods. As I choose one Firstly I could not get my understanding and decision making style in an ethical dilemma, but then it was stated in the screen that my answer is based on religion. So, if I will be given a problem to come up with a solution my solution will be based on religion and my believes. It depends on inviduals to be a Relativist, Utilitarian, Virtue and Deontology decision maker. Understanding, acceptance, and application of ethics are important to individuals and groups. Application of ethics makes deeper understanding between people.


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