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About wearing Hijab

In this week, week 6, we had learnt a very valuable topic which was about “Islamic Ethics” by Miss. Siti Noor. It was started from the 7th century and slowly found out in the 11th century. Islamic ethics is mostly come from the teaching of Qur’an, Sunnah of Muhammad and some are from jurists of Islam. Our Islamic ethics is always accepting from the context of Our GOD (ALLAH). In Islamic ethics, we all belief that we all has been granted the ability to perceive God’s will and we all are ready to abide by it. Besides, in Islamic ethics, every human being is command the good and prohibited the bad in our whole life and understands the role of Muhammad as attempting to assist this submission. Therefore, all the Muslims are believed to have right duties to obey the God’s will and to follow Islam. Islamic ethics come from the Qur’an. The Qur’an describes and sets the standards of social and moral values for Muslims. In class, we learnt the period of Fitra and Sadr-al-Islam.

The lecturer was moved to another topic which was about wearing Hijab. There were some arguments in the class about wearing hijab. One of the non-Muslim students ask a question lie it is ethical for the Muslim women to wear scarf (Hijab) in a hot weather conditions. Honestly, I don’t think we should ask that kind of question. In Islam, we, as a female are normal to dress modestly in clothes and it does not expose the figure of our bodies to men. Hijab covers our body and hides the figure of our body from men. There are a lot of Hijab which is not heavy textile. There are many light fabrics which can be used for hot weather. Besides, we can see that there are a lot of gentlemen wearing suits even in hot weather because they need to wear for their office. Same goes to here, we are wearing Hijab because we need to wear even in hot weather. We are following the our Islamic ethics. As I mention earlier, Islamic ethics are coming from Qur’an, it stated in the Qur’an to cover from their heads over their faces. Everyone feels hot in summer where you are wearing Hijab or not.

Lastly, I would like to say that wearing hijab is our choice. People have their freedom of choice to do it. Besides, we should respect to each other. We should respect to other’s people choices.  It is unethical if we are forced to remove my opinion, this is a part of our woman right. We are showing respect and obedience to God commands which guided in Quran and our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) sayings and performs.

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