A look at surrogacy through Tamba’s lens

The last class that we had was a very interesting because we discussed a lot of topics and the topic that stole most of our time was surrogacy and I will reflect on my thoughts on the issue.

Surrogacy involves a couple who can’t have a child (due to a variety of reasons such as the wife being barren) deciding to let another woman called a surrogate mother bear a baby for them.

There are many reasons why a surrogate mother accepts to be one, two of the main ones are; commercial reasons and altruist reasons.

Prior to this class I have never heard of surrogacy before, I could have never imagined the concept because the practice unknown to my country. We have our own way of dealing with fruitless marriages; we simply adopt children if we can’t get them.

I believe that surrogacy is unethical if it is for commercial purposes as this virtually turns women into baby making machines and children commodities. The implications are that the dignity of human beings is going to be reduced to a very low level; we could even stoop so that we won’t the name human

Another consequence of surrogacy is that there is an absence of the sacred relationship between a mother and her baby, this link starts during pregnancy. The relationship between a child and its mother is a fundamental pillar of our moral society but with surrogacy is link is not non-existent and the results could be that we live in a society with low morality. This is going to have a negative effect on our society.

Furthermore, there is a negative psychological effect on the child will be massive. How is this child going to be viewed by the society? How is this child going view himself knowing that he is somewhat like a commodity? How is he going to feel knowing that his mother is not his true mother?  The answers to these questions suggest a psychological trauma that will haunt the child for his rest of his life.

Despite all the above mentioned problems, there are some cases that I could justify surrogacy an example of such a surrogacy is if a man wants a child (his own child who carries his blood or gene) and for some reasons his wife cannot bear a child. Adoption is certainly not a solution; surrogacy is probably the only option to this situation.

In conclusion, I believe that surrogacy is unethical especially commercial surrogacy; surrogacy is only ethical  if it is the only   solution.


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