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8 Ways To Be Slow Down

Every moment is a door way to meaning , purpose , and joy. The key is an  unhurried mind. An  unhurried mind is clam , alert , and ready for anything.


Our whole is full of things that we want to do , but one sure sign is that no one has enough time. Another is how many of us are always hurrying to be late. Everyone seems to be trying to fit more and more into the same fixed twenty-four hours. That is the paradox : we hurry faster and faster only to find we have less and less time.

Have you noticed that when you try to fit more into a day , you are likely to go through the whole day late? Trying to squeeze more in, we only squeeze time out .The first thing we do each day morning is check the clock ; the rest of the day we are running to catch up.

We don’t have to live like this. People who are in control of their lives somehow manage to be on time without arriving hurried. Living without hurry is a skill that everyone can learn. So let’s start with slowing down !

1.Get yourself more time

The easiest way to find more time is so simple that we often overlook it: Get up earlier .This does much more than simply gain another hour or so of clock time. The pace you set first thing in the morning is likely to stay with you through the day . If you get up early and set a calm , unhurried pace , it is much easier to resist getting speeded up later on as the pressure of the day in on you.

2.Don’t crowd your day

The desire to fit too much into a fixed span of time is pervasive , and technology merely adds to the pressure .We are expected to keep up with more and more information at work and home .We are feeling duty-bound  to read it. So, just make it simple.Make wise choices about what you read. Read only what is necessary or worthwhile. And then take the time to do carefully.

3.Ask what’s important

We can not do all the thing we want.Surely, we have to make priorities .Once we realized that , we can begin to ask ” What do I want to do ? What is important ? ” .When all is said and done , we will find to the surprise.

4.Take time for social relationships

“Take time for social relationships” may sound like odd advice.I am just saying to give more time to others.And it’s true that relationships require time- sometimes a good deal of meals. But it is time well spent.

5.Take time for Reflections

Taking time to pause and reflect and then is not only part of slowing down ; it is one of the rewards ,too.And because it adds to efficiency and effectiveness in any walk of life , it is a very good use of time.

6. Don’t let yourself get hurried

Hurry is built into our culture; the more you look , the more instances you will see. Look at the amount to time we are granted by traffic lights to cross a busy street.People hurry to cross  the street now before the light changes, dragging little children  behind them.I can imagine when the signal will say “Wait” and then , more honestly , ” Run! ” And we will obey.

7. Cultivate Patience

Patience is one of life ‘s unsung virtues.Very few people are born with patience, but everyone can learn to develop it. As with slowing down , all we have to do is try to be patient every time life challenges us . And there are many, many opportunities to practice every day .

8.Slow down your mind

This is the real crux slowing down : developing an unhurried mind.The more we slow down the thinking process , the more control we have our lives . During a crisis from a minor emergency at the office to a major earthquake – such people help everyone else to stay clearheaded.They are protecting not only themselves from danger, but those around them too.

Therefore, an unhurried mind brings the capacity to make wise choices everyday – choices of how we use our time, of where we place our resources and our love .This is what we were all born for and what we have been looking for all of our lives , whatever else we have been seeking .

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