Glimpses of 3G First Global Summit – Hotel Arenaa Luxury Hotel – Kuala Lumpur – 15th November 2015


This report holds the overall summary and description of 3G First Global Summit with the theme ‘Thank you Malaysia’ organized by Global Giving Group (3G) which was successfully held on 15th June 2015 at hotel Arenna Luxury, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Participants list attached – Annexure no:1)


2.0 Description of Event:
 Registration was from 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM
 Event was from 11:00 AM to 4.30 PM
 Mr. Parisutham John Britto, Founder 3G, delivered the opening speech for the event and shared insightful experience of his life. ( Speech attached – Annexure no:2 )
 Followed by MC of the event Mr. Mukhtar Qowdan and Miss Mayeedah E-tae carried out the event by explaining about the main purpose of the event.
 Ms. Vinothini Joseia, Advisor 3G, briefed about the group discussion.
 Participants were divided into 4 groups in order discuss about the Philosophy, Structure & Membership, Funding and Program of 3G in future. ( List of names of group members attached – Annexure no:3)
 Each group discussed and presented about their discussion on their respective given subject.
 Finally the event was wrapped up with a game and evaluation by members at 4:30 pm



3.0 Points discussed under each subject.
3.1 Philosophy:
• Vision: Building a world of Giving
• Mission:
– Becoming a movement of givers by Inspiring the value of GIVING and giving whatever, whenever, wherever, however and to whomever by which ever means.
• Core Values:
– Courageousness
– Compassion
– Integrity
– Diversity



3.2 Funding
– Long term Corporate
– Corporate Social Responsibility programs
(Introducing 3G in work places by 3G members that help to mobilize the CSR program of particular organization.)
– Collect donations from our own members
– Selling products that represent the diversity in public places
– Work in collaboration with other groups like religious groups and NGOs
– Create network
– Promotion in social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.



3.3 Program Structure
– Health
– Food
– Shelter
– Education
– Art, Culture and Media
– Administration
Target people: Homeless, People with Trauma, Physically and Mentally challenged, Disaster victims and refugees.
3.4 Structure and Governance
(The committee suggested that along with the structure proposed the following could be added. The proposed structure is attached – Annexure no: 4)


– Founder
– Advisory committee
– Representative of different departments (committee members are appointed under different departments)


– Manager
– Top manager
– Team Members for each program


– President
– Advisor
– Team members



3.5 The elected and nominated representatives: ( Attached – Annexure no:5)
4.0 Conclusion:
We believe that all the participants were satisfied with this event because the information shared by 3G founder, advisor and team members were structured and very insightful along with beautiful venue and irresistible food. The programme ended with a laugh bursting balloon game and very thoughtful evaluation session.
1. Annexure no: 1 – Participants list
2. Annexure no: 2 – Founder’s Speech
3. Annexure no: 3 – Group members list
4. Annexure no: 4 – Proposed Structure of Governance
5. Annexure no: 5 – Elected and Nominated persons for various positions.