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Family is built with commitment and love. In our family we show up and back up when others are in need. Because we believe that ‘Giving is Living’.


Education does not fill a mind, instead opens it. All along I have shown interest in keep learning to unlearn and relearn to keep open my mind. Here are the details of my degrees.


Always dreamt big, stayed positive, worked hard and smart, and enjoyed the journey. Different space, time and people never mattered to me to achieve.




Realising the ignorance is learning. Trainings and workshops give chances to  carve out a beautiful sculpture out of a raw stone, our mind.



Celebrating writing, as everyone has an unique story to say as i think through my fingers to document my life and give back to this world.



Believing that a day lived is the day lived for others, giving light like a candle for others, and the tree that does not eat its fruits.


Our family believes in organic eating. Being healthy and energetic. Jenet Mary, my wife, shares her secret recipes here. Traditional and modern. Watch.

Before the Earth covers us, we wanted to cover the earth. Carrying memories and leaving footprints. Experiencing the multi-cultural aspect of our world is exciting.

Never too late to start to know about medicines and home remedies. Jenet Mary shares her secret traditional ways of medicines and healthy life as it is the wealth.

It is all in mind. Every step counts. Success starts with self discipline. Being fit makes you successful and happy. Secret is to be regular. See easy steps and follow.


Farming Tips

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but borrow it from our children. You know this. Sustainable farming tips are shared here for you to follow and save the earth.

Change is the end result of all learning. There are easy techniques to follow to become a ‘smart student’. Here are my experience of studying smart. Use them.

Everyone has a story. Everything has a story. People shape stories and vice versa. Here are numerous stories for you to listen and tell others. Get addicted.

Life is more fun when you play games. It is the best way of learning and improving life. Here are number of games for you to play and use them wherever relevant.

Life is more fun when you play games. It is the best way of learning and improving life. Here are number of games for you to play and use them wherever relevant.



My Books

Books make anyone travel without moving their feet. It’s magical. The books listen when you read them. I just want to document my thoughts.


My Articles

Reflecting the world louder through articles is my way. They are not perfect but part of my journey in understanding me and my world.


My Audio Visuals

Telling stories through audio visual techniques satisfies my soul as it helps unleashing the agony of untold stories within my heart.



Dr. Magimai Prahasam

Communication expert. A certified international trainer in Neuro-Lingustic programming and human resource development, having training experience of 37 years.

Eco Scientist
Mr. Pamayan

Sustainable farming expert. Globally acknowledged scientist in sustainable living and agriculture, with training and farming experience of 32 years.


Prof. Dr. Said Irandoust

Swedish by birth, the Indonesia-based educationist has been successful in running tertiary institutions as a leader and helps educational institutions globally.


Prof. Dr. Wim Dechering

A research specialist. Living in Holland, involving in researches all over the world on development, education, communication and sustainable living.



" Dr. John B. Parisutham's team trained our teachers in creative teaching methodology and now we get more partents admitting their children."
Nithya Elavarman
Principal, Kalpathru, India
" I always wondered about the creative training methodologies of this team. Kudos!! Now the organic farmers and the teachers perform at their best."
Subbarow Narayanan
Edu. Officer, CAP, Malaysia
Community development workers under the training of Dr. John's team, got right knowledge, skill and attitude to make great changes in their communities."
Francoise Magnat
SC, France


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Prof. Dr. John B. Parisutham