My Siblings

My sisters

Kalaimani akka with her grand children, Frazer, Joshua and

Kalaimani akka's son Richard with his wife Jennifer Uma

Sr. Juliet

Sr. Juliet

Alphonse akka with her family and with my parents

My brothers

Kalaimani akka with her grand children, Frazer, Joshua and

James' family

Vincent's family

Vincent family

Alphonse akka with her family and with my parents

My Parents

Agna Amma
Amma and Agna
Agna Amma
Amma Agna 2

My Father's siblings


Mr. Arulanandam & Mrs. Mary [First sister]


Mr. Kanikkai Raj & Mrs. Theresa [Second sister]

Mr. George & Mrs. Phiomena [Only brother]


Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Rosaly [Third sister]


Mr. Soosai Manikam & Mrs. Dhava Mary [Fourth sister]

Mr. Xavier & Mrs. Pappai [Fifth sister]

My Mother's siblings

Top Row: Boy, Mrs. Josphine Mary [Last sister], Mrs. Philominal Mary [Last but one sister], Mrs. Nambikkai Mary [Second sister], Mrs. Theresa Mary [First sister], Mrs. Arul Mary [My mother], Mr. Parisutham [My father]

Second Row: Girl, Girl, Mrs. Amarlarpova Mary, Mrs. Rexaline Mary, Mrs. Alphonse, Mr. Sebastian Sambath, Mr. Gino

Third Row: Girl, Mrs. Jennifer Uma, Mrs. Lilly, Mrs. Victoria, Mr.Jess Frazer

Front Row: Johan, Boy, Boy


My Grand Parents

Thiru. C. Masilamani and Thirumathi. R. Anthoniammal are the parents of my father. My grand father was born in Kanoor village, in Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu state, India. I have fond memories of both of them. Grandfather is called ‘Thatha’ in Tamil language. Masilamani thatha was a landlord in Kanoor village with more than 20 acres of agricultural land and 50 over cattles. When he left the village, for some reasons, he did a few businesses like restaurant, petty shop and such. He lived till when he was 85 years old. Thirumathi Anthoniammal, was nature loving person and compassionate with everyone lived for 104 years. All of us gathered in 2004 to celebrate her 100th year when she had 100 family members from her children to great grand children.

Thiru. Savarimuthu ayya and Thirumathi. Savariammal are the parents of my mother.

My son's in-law family

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