The role of NGOs in women’s empowerment for economic development.

1. Moderator’s name: Nuruat Kobusiinge
Panelists’ names:
– Sa Ri Ah
– Manadir Mohammad Mahi
– Miss Suneeda Dorloh
– Nan Aye Aye Moe

2. Topic of the Discussion: (The role of NGOs in) women’s empowerment for economic development.

3. General outline:
– Thesis statement: Women nowadays more and more contribute to the advance of civil society. Empowering women economically is key to the growth and development of economies and reduction of poverty worldwide.
– Point:
• NGOs and women’s empowerment
• women with agriculture
• women with technology
• women’s role in the family
• violence against women

4. Outline from each panelist:
– 1st panelist: women’s empowerment in agriculture field
– 2nd panelist: the empowerment of women in a technology world
– 3rd panelist: how important role women play in household
– 4th panelist: violence against women’s empowerment

5. References:


  • thank you Sir. i will deliver your assessment to all my group mates to improve our work. thank you again so much, dear.

  • Dear Sariahvn and Team, thank you for your panel discussion proposal. I am happy that you have taken this subject for discussion. I could see that you have focused on women and their economical empowerment as the solution for poverty reduction. I suggest that you concentrate on the following areas:
    1. you need to give at least three points under each panelist topic.
    2. you need to give appropriate references.
    Thank you.


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