Month: June 2013

Panel Discussion Report 73: The Role Played by NGOs in Empowering Women Economically.

Overview of the discussion report In Our university;” Al-bukhary International University” located in Malaysia, Alor Seta kedah, we have been introduced to so many important courses that are now helping us to   shape our lives and the lives of other individuals as well.  In this  third trimester  of the first and pioneer undergraduates, we were […]

Panel Discussion Report 72: The Role of NGOs and the Concept of Mission Drift.

Overview of the point discussed Today civil societies become an integral part of the human life. Civil societies are highly interactive with the community. Non-governmental organizations help in the people who are in need during war, famine, natural disaster, poverty and rehabilitation. So Non-governmental organizations influence the people in a very large scale. Therefore Non-governmental […]

Panel discussion report 71: Democracy & Civil society

First of all, in panel discussion it is infrequent for me as before which was happen to me during panel discussion time and why it was happen? The reason was my health problem that’s why I could not intersection panel presentation with the first group and we have chosen “the role of women empowerment in […]

Panel Discussion Report 70: The civil society should promote Women’s right

Our panel discussion session was held on 17th of June, on the topic of The civil society should promote Women’s right. This panel discussion is one of the assignments which should be done during seventh week of this Introduction Civil society subject. Before one week we made group for present our panel discussions and each […]

Panel Discussion Report 69: The United Nations – Success or Failure?

The United Nations is an organization formed out of the horrors of the Second World War with the overarching purpose of preventing this kind of total war from ever happening again. Its formation came after the failures of the League of Nations, an international organization that had the same lofty goal of preventing war. The […]

Panel Discussion Report 68:The Role of NGOs and the Concept of Mission Drift.

Overview of points Discussed: On Tuesday 25th June 2013, we held our Civil Society Panel Discussion based on the topic “The role of NGOs and the concept of mission drift”. The panel which consisted of three including the moderator had  me from Maldives and  Yasir from Afghanistan as the two panelists and Zaveem from Srilanka […]

Panel Discussion Report 67: Promoting Equal Access to Education through Volunteerism

    Overview of the point discussion Education is more essential to human being in this globe, because it a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability. Education is necessary for many aspects into our life, without knowledge the world and the […]

Panel discussion report 66: ” is united nation failure or success” ?

1. introduction United Nations the organization that is not new to the ears of many people in the world, since we have them in each and every sovereign nation in the world, indeed this was my area of panel discussion where we placed on the table looking on different dimensions whether united nation in existence […]

Panel Discussion report 65: How to sustain a community development

Overview of the point discussion/ Introduction Before doing the panel discussion I and my group member have decided to use Moctar name as a group name because he is a capable moderator in our group so it is easy for my respective lecturer to recognzse us. There are 5 group members including moderator in my […]

Panel Discussion report 64 – Which CSO should be encouraged more for global development?

My group consisted of 6 members including me. I was the only Sri Lankan with five other Myanmar friends. We had five girls in the group which was one of the strengths I found because it was easier to understand and discuss our ides among each other. Once the group was formed, our next task […]

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