Month: March 2013

Controversial Ethical Issues: Same sex marriage

Just like last week, we continued into the exploration of the contemporary ethical issues, the topics under discussion this week were the issues of LGBT rights, animal rights, internet piracy, death penalty and insider trading. Her is would like to focus on the issue of same sex marriage which was most disused in out classes. […]

Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions

In week 8, we had a lecture given by Mr Jamie who is so interested in giving his lecture and videos. He is so different from another lecturer because the way he talked and manage the students are so funny. We had fun also in his class. The class begin when he provided us with […]

The food issue by the UN style

Prof. Omar back again in this week with the theme of United Nation. Actually, the lecture was like questions and answers open session. Everything was almost the same like what Dr. Ahmed taught us in the prior week.  However, what was special in prof. Omar’s lecture is that, he has disclosed the weakness of the […]

United Nations-Inside Out

United Nations is an international and intergovernmental organization which meant to supervise and oversee the peace building as well as peace keeping and security, enforcing by rules and regulations among the member countries. The birth of this organization was in  post second world war time where countries were fusing in wars, subsequent efforts of peace keeping […]

How i want United Nations to be

Now, to talk particular about my country, Bangladesh, the involvement of UN is been a long time, even before the rise of the nation. In 1971, during the Liberation War of Bangladesh (Previously East Pakistan) with Pakistan (West Pakistan), though the United Nations condemned the human rights violations by Pakistan during war, it failed to […]

My case against homosexuality and same-sex marriage

The issue of same-sex marriages is a controversial one and it’s also a contemporary one, we have discussed it during our lecture and now I’ll reflect my thoughts on the issue. Since time immemorial, marriage has been a union between a man and a woman and any attempt to change this will defile this sacred […]

Contemporary Ethical Issues

Week eleven I cannot believe that it is week eleven, the time go very vast if only time goes it is ok but every second of our life time getting less and it is depend on us how we going to spend whether by ethical way or unethical. This week also was continuation of week […]

Contemporary Ethics – Part 1

In week 9, we had a lecture given by Mr Faoisy on the Contemporary Ethics issues (Part 1). During the lecture, we discuss so many ethics issues nowadays. So, what is the meaning of Contemporary Ethics? Contemporary ethics is an examination of different normative ethical theories including consequentialism (act- and rule- utilitarianism and ideal utilitarianism), […]

Islamic Ethics

Islamic ethics has mainly taken shape as a successful amalgamation of the Qur’anic teachings and the teachings of the Sunnah of prophet  Muhammad (SAW). For one to understand properly the ethics in Islam, he/she has to take a look at the period before prophet Muhammad (SAW) came amongst the Arabs. This period is known as […]

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