Month: January 2013

Reflective Diary for Week 3 – by May Thandar Maung

Reflective Diary for week 3 In this week, in the lecturer class, we conversed about some ethical issues which we did not aware before and happening in the world. Prof Evangelos Afendras gave the good example which is closely related with AiU students. He pointed out that there are some poor students who came and […]

Is Humanity Progressing? – by Wai Wai Ko

WEEK 3 Lecture (29 JAN 2013) I attended the Introduction to Ethics class today as the third week of the second trimester, but this was the second time that we are having lecture as the last week was public holiday. As usual, the class was team teaching by a group of lecturers but only Professor […]

Reflective Diary on Current Affairs – by Heni Fitria

As we talked about current affairs in the class, I can see that news cannot be called as current affairs. News is about issues that happen in the past, present, and it might be related to the future. In the other hands, current affairs include issues that occur only in the present. Besides that, to […]

General Knowledge on Current affairs – by Daouda Camara

General Knowledge on Current affairs My first impression, when I saw the expression current affairs, was that I could not give any signification (or ideas) to the expression: the definition was confused to me. During my first tutorial of Seminar on Current Affairs, I was very surprised that the expression current affairs was identified to […]

Current Affairs and Me: A journey of Self-Reflection – by Manadir Mohammad

Every day we face some new experiences in our life. Some we see, some we feel, and some we hear from the distant parts of the world. Before choosing this course, I have been thinking that ‘What should be my role to get over this study?” “How can I get the best out of the opportunities?” […]

Dominant Current Affairs of The World

Actually, I do not have any idea about this because before I am not the one who is interested about the current issue, I mean I take care about what happen to the world but I did not take care about the issues deeply. Therefore, I will try my best to give input on this […]

What I learned and what I gained from CURRENT AFFAIR Course – by Hla Lunn Shwe

Before interpreting about my insight gained, as a start, I would like to share my own thinking on current affair, especially how my brain understands on it and how my mind accepts it. The two words – Current and Affairs come together to give an interesting name to a subject of study. Current means recent, […]

Lying is Less Harmful than Killing – by Munira Seylaa

Lying is Less Harmful than Killing 31st Jan 2013 Today’s tutorial class was very interesting. We went through the introduction to ethics for starters.  We did a very interesting activity that made me ransack my brain to come up with a reasonable opinion for the notion that said ‘Lying is Less Harmful than Killing.’ Both […]

Lying is less harmful than killing – by Adnan Hasani

He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time […]

The Foundation of Ethics – by Adnan Hasani

The word Ethic for the first time known use was in the 14th century. Ethics were introduced as the first moral codes. Fundamentally, every human society has some form of myth to elucidate the origin of morality. Cambridge defines the word “ethic” as a system of accepted beliefs which control behavior, especially such a system […]

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