Month: April 2012

Historical Analysis for the pitfalls of the present education system

What is the reason for the handicap of this present education system? The answer is very simple. The present education system has not come out of our culture. It is a borrowed system from British culture. At the end of 18th and 19th century, industrial revolution took place that changed their society from agri-based feudalistic […]

Is the colonial education system anti human and anti environment?

 Findings about our present Education System:  If we see that the producers and businessmen cheat consumers, it is because of the present education system that failed to provide the value of justice. If we witness that the politicians cheat citizens, it is because of the present education system that failed to provide the values of […]

Does the education system promote Consumerism?

Third Conversation: Papaya Tree and Television One day everyone in a family went out for dinner. A branch of a papaya tree near the window of the hall talked with the television. Let us listen to this conversation: ” Hello! TV… How are you?” asked the tree. ” I am fine Papaya, thank you. and […]

Is the education system Corruptive and Exploitative?

  Two teachers at the staff room. The staff room was silent. The new teacher was preparing her lesson plan. The elderly teacher was reading a book. She looked at the new teacher and  asked a quite deep question: ” Teacher! Don’t you see that the economical exploitation that drains away the hard earned money […]

Should Learning be a Tiring Experience?

The street Dog and the School going Child ” Hello! How‘re you?” – the question was from a street dog to the school going child. “I am bored and tired…by the by how are you?” the child asked the street dog. ” I am fine. I enjoy. I play a lot” laughed the dog. ” Playing?’ What […]

Present Educational Issues – a School Teacher’s Perspective

I asked a primary school teacher to tell me what would she do if she becomes the Minister for Education to solve the problems in the present education system. The teacher replied: ” Sir, The teachers do not get enough time now to teach the present syllabus. So I will increase the school time for […]

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