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Panel Discussion Proposal 61:The role of NGOs in women’s empowerment for economic development.

PROPOSAL FOR PANEL DISCUSSION 1. Moderator’s name: Nuruat Kobusiinge Panelists’ names: – Manadir Mohammad Mahi – Sa Ri Ah 2. Topic of the Discussion: The role of NGOs in women’s empowerment for economic development. 3. General outline: – Thesis statement: Women nowadays more and more contribute to the advance of civil society. Empowering women economically […]

The Role of NGOs and the Concept of Mission Drift

Moderator:  Mohamed Zaveem Shirfran.  Panelist: Hamdhan Rifaul Ameen. Yasir Ahmad. Overview of the topic: NGOs are legally constituted corporations created by natural or legal people that operate independently from any form of government. NGOs have been classified by what they are not (neither government, nor profit-driven organizations), rather than what they are, highlighting their differences to and distance […]

Promoting Equal Access to Education through volunteerism

PANEL DISCUSSION OUTLINE Introduction to Civil Society SHP 1033 Albukhary International University ___________________________________________________________________   1.0 Topic                                                                               […]

The Effect of Technological Innovation on Environment

Moderator : Mahara Tawarmi panelist 1: Jazam Junaideen panelist 2: Nor Amalina Binti Azmi General Outline: Thesis Statement innovation technology make environment harm full. Mainly we are going too discussed about recycling activities’ and how to reduce and what are steps we can do for reduce the harm. The main sectors we are going to […]

CSOs: A key factor for Global Development

1. List of participants Moderator: Kyaw Khant 209110216 Panelist 1: Tahira Mohothar 209110169 Panelist 2: Ngu Wah Aye 209110153 Panelist 3: May Thandar Maung 209110144 Panelist 4: Wai Wai Ko 111100120 2. Topic “CSOs: A Key factor for Global Development” 3. General Outline 3.1. Thesis Statement Undoubtedly, Civil Society Organizations are one of the most […]

UN declaration of human rights “You have rights no matter where you go”

Panel Discussion Proposal Moderator’s Name and The list of Participants Moderator: Srey Sokkanitha Mok            209110210 Panelist 1: A bi Dah                                  209110267 Panelist 2: Shanaz Thaha                          111100082 Panelist 3: Sharifa Hashim                        209110221 Panelist 4: Dolma Lama                            209110273 2.Topic Article #6 of the UN declaration of human rights “You have rights no […]

Democracy and Civil Society Organization

I. Moderator & List of Panelist Moderator : Natri  Panelist     : 1. Muhsinbek Bekmuratov 2. Huriya 3.  Maimuna 4. Unknown II. Topic  : Democracy and Civil Society Organization III. General Outline Thesis statement  : Although many people  believe democracy creates proper platform for functioning civil society organizations, there are problem faced by civil […]

Promoting Education through NGOs

Panel discussion outline (Draft) Moderator: Saed Mohamud Furre Panelists: Kamoliddin Fayzullaev Qudratillo Usmonov Mohd Rafiq Mohd Mazlan Shokhzod Muminov Thesis: At least Elementary and Primary education must be equally free every individual. Points:   Increasing literacy of society   Promotion voluntary teaching   Education is one of the Human Rights   UN declaration on education […]

Civil Society Should Promote Women’s Rights

1.       Moderator: Nasridini Asliddin                 Panelists:  Syakirah Anati Ayu Muzaffar Khusanov Sali Toure   2.      Topic: Civil Society Should Promote Women’s Rights   3.      General Outline   Thesis statement: We believe that in most of the countries around the world the rights of women are not given such as right to education, right for safety […]

United Nations…Success or Failure???

  NAME ID NUMBER Moderator Cyril Kudzaishe Duri 102120674 Panelists 1. M. Saajid Sabry Booso 111100114 2. Hussein Ahmed Sirat 102120557 3. Abdirahman Mahamoud Shire 209110325 4. Jahirul Islam 111100114 TOPIC: United Nations…Success or Failure???  THESIS STATEMENT:- Although many people believe in the success of the United Nations, many others believe that it is nothing more […]

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