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Five root causes of poverty

Generally, poverty can be defined as a state whereby an individual’s income is inadequate and cannot cover the basic needs. When there are many poor people in an area, the poverty becomes large scale and the society at large that lives in that particular area is considered as poor. This can be a group of […]

All nations are either preparing for war, at war or recovering from war

In today’s lecture, Prof Omar Farouk was discussing about the world wars, peacekeeping, and the achievements that the United Nations has achieved as well as the missions they failed to achieve. We have been given a paper which is written a set of questions about war, peace and the United Nations. As written above in […]

Each uprising is more terrible than its former one

The Arab spring or revolution started in Tunisia, a half-African-half-Arabian country, in late 2010 and early 2011. The revolution in Tunisia was bloodless and less dangerous than the revolution in the other Arab countries after them. The revolution removed former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and replaced him with a temporary unity government. In […]

UN: No organization is infallible

In this lecture, we have discussed and learnt about the United Nations and its structure. It is known in worldwide that the United Nations is an international organization that comprises of all the recognized countries in the world. There are many other organizations that are linked to the United Nations through special agreements such as […]

Democracy has its advantages and disadvantages

As I have learned the definition of democracy in my high school, it is ‘by the people, for the people’ which means that it is a system where the citizens of a country have the right to choose their leaders. This ideology was established and implemented centuries ago by different governments and majority of today’s […]

Conflict is natural. The problem comes when you do not handle it properly

I have attended the first session of the lecture which was about the different types of conflicts, how they arise, and the geographical areas where conflict is abundant. This topic was very familiar to me because I have already learnt about the nature of conflicts in diversified environments which I have taken in my Intercultural […]

I never ate at McDonalds

Junk food and me During the first days of my stay in AIU, some of my country-mates suggested that we should go out for shopping and also explore the city. After we spent 3 hours hanging around the big supermarkets in Alor Setar, we got hungry and decided to have a fast food near the […]

Independence and Colonization

This was my first tutorial with Dr. Hamid Reza and the second tutorial of the Current Affairs course since the beginning of the trimester. The lecturer gave us an option to choose among three topics which were: Religion and Ideology, Independence and Colonization, and the conflict in Syria. After a voting procedure, we have chosen […]

The Most Recent Current Global Issues

 Current Affairs is obviously about the on-going situations around us that hit the news on daily basis. And in this course we have been introduced the most recent political unrests and disputes that are happening around the world. Prof Omar Farouk distributed us five different research topics which are: the forthcoming Malaysia elections, the conflict […]

To maintain our own identity

What is globalization? When did it start? Who is being benefited by this system?  These three questions were the main themes of this week lecture. My definition for globalization – Globalization is a term that allows global sharing of culture, world trade for multiple countries which brings us in a competitive world. There are many […]

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