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Dancing for a music and song.

Organising 25th Anniversary of CREC/AVEX celebration. Mr. George from Pakistan is at the far right.

Singing a song while Mr. George plays guitar.

The group photo of the students and teachers who attended the course on Communication. Fr. Peirre Babin, the then director of CREC/AVEX is seen at the top-far right with blue cap.

Singapore Tamil Writers Association’s 40th Anniversary

My friend Ms Shanthini, a media and literary person prepared an interesting poetry recitation programme along with her friends about the importance of language and in particular Tamil language. It was an awesome performance.

Singapore Tamil Writers Association celebrated its 40th Anniversary Annual Dinner where Mr Bala, Ms Regina, Ms Vijaya Bharathi and their families attended along with numerous writers and delegates.


International Conference on Theme Centred Interaction

In 2002, I joined the delegation with Prof. Thomas Abraham from India along with Mdm. Mary Anne Kubel to attend the international conference on Theme Centred Interaction in Germany. This is Mdm. Mary Anne Kubel’s house.

Dr Manjunath from Karnataka joined me.

At the frankfurt airport


SWALLOWS Denmark invited me to train their staff and volunteers at Denmark in Leadership and Development.

In front of SWALLOWS second hand shop from where they donate third world countries.

Ms. Maj and her colleague at SWALLOWS – inside the recycle shop.

At the famous May Rally at Kopenhagen, Denmark with SWALLOWS volunteer.

With Mark at his computer design office, Kopenhagen

Mark, Maj, Liv and their friends are seen in this photo.