Category: Cultural Identity Paper

My culture identity – by Aminath Afra

My Cultural identity Cultural identity consists of race, religion, class, gender, and family’s identities. Moreover, national, social and personal identity also contributes to one’s cultural identity, as these characteristics shape the entire person, making us who we are. I belong to a multicultural family. My father is a Sri Lankan, my mother is a Maldivian […]

My Identity paper – by Dolma Nyinba from Nepal

 Identity itself is a profound matter that all an individual carries from their ancestors which shows their origin, culture, tradition, etc. I do have my identity which is vivid and prevailing on me physically and mentally. My family’s’ composition is Mongolian, Nepali, Buddhist, Middle-class. Mongolian is the origin of my ancestors where they came from […]

My Cultural Identity – Rimzana from Sri Lanka

There are great changes happening in the world through the developments and globalization, but our customs and practices are still remaining the same, with some slight changes. Culture Identity is a persons’ identification of many things such as culture, language, and ancestry, in other words it can be something which explains who we are and […]

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