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Blooms Taxonomy technique

My lecture on Ethic is on Tuesday (12/2/13) but since it is a holiday I only have to write what I have learned in the tutorial. As I mentioned before, since there was no lecture due to holidays, so Mr. Jaime taught us the skills on to write our reflective paper and term paper (also […]

What do you not wish for yourself, do not do to others

After Mr. Hamid explained the lecture on Eastern Ethics, I have gained some knowledge of eastern philosophers’ background and their ethical practices and theories. The lecture covered the ethical theories from some of eastern philosophers such as Confucius from China, Zarathustra from Iran and also at last I learned about Japanese ethics and values which […]

We should follow the rules

Today’s lesson was quite an interesting lesson. It is about ethics from different countries and how they apply to their daily lives. The first country to introduce about the ethic is China. The famous and respected scholar, Confucius, created rules of ethics in order to teach everyone the way of being a humanitarian. I like […]

Why and how corruption is everywhere?

The last lecture ends with another five interesting topics regarding contemporary ethical issues such as corruption, divorce, plagiarism, humanitarian intervention, and torture. My most attention goes to corruption, and I want to write about it by reflecting to my own country for this week reflective diary. In my own perception, corruption is a disease that […]

Perception on same-gender lovers’ rights

Same sex marriage, animal rights, internet privacy, death penalty, and insider trading from my point of view are the hot issues in current human society; what is more, for this week’s reflective diary, I want to only further emphasis on same sex marriage because I honestly want to share some more information about the topic […]

Is it ethical to disclose HIV/AIDS patient records?

HIV/AIDS is one of the most dangerous diseases that the world is facing. It started from one person then transmitted to several people. From societies to nations and with globalization it has been transmitted all over the world. With current medication the HIV/AIDS patient undergoes, it is not easy to identify who is infected and […]

Gays and Lesbians’ rights and marriage

1.1          GAYS AND LESBIANs RIGHTS/marriage  1.2   INTRODUCTION Gay Rights Movement in the United States, struggle for equal rights for homosexual men and women, known as gays and lesbians, in the United States. The basic goals of the gay rights movement are to win equal rights for homosexuals under city, state, and federal laws, as well as respect and recognition […]

Provide us with some feedback

This is my last reflection for the Introduction to Ethics. We have finally come to the end of our trimester 2. Ethic is one of my favorite subjects and I really like it because of its relationship to morality. Ethic is all about humanity and its responsibilities to himself/herself and other people. It is about […]

Corruption is an extremely dangerous phenomena

In week 11 we had one of the most interesting lectures. There were some topics such as divorce, torture, corruption and humanitarian intervention. The most interesting topics for me were torture and corruption and I think they are somehow linked in my country. The definition given by our lecture was that is the practice or […]

LGBT should not legalized

In week 10, our lecture was about some of the ethical issues such as LGBT. Dr.Faozie explained many aspects of it and each of the terminologies such as the meaning of Lesbian, Gay , Bisexual and Transsexual.  Those word are familiar to me , and perhaps to almost everyone. He continued reviewing some of the […]

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