Panel Discussion Report 61: Can we truly say that human rights are universal?

1. Overview of the point Discussed Our Moderator Muktar Abdillahi started the panel discussion with the introductory session whereby, he mentioned that Human rights are considered to be universal by some while some others oppose to this statement. Also He mentioned that each and every human being is capable enough to get their rights. He […]

The founder of western philosophy from Greece

Socrates is one of the most recognized philosophers of all time. He was born in ancient Greece, he is the founder of western philosophy. While all the famous people have written or recoded their life in the history Socrates never wrote anything about himself and even about his philosophies. There is no written evidence by […]


In out ethics class we were given a chance to watch some videos related to this course.  The first video was about differeciating between right and wrong. It was about what to do and what not to do. Making decision to do a certain thing is important. If the decision is right the action is […]

Application of Ethics

Ethics Understanding, acceptance, and application of ethics are important to individuals and groups for several reasons. Ethics are our basic beliefs, and they come into play constantly. Many times we are using our personal ethics and we are not even aware of it. I would like to talk about understanding, acceptance, and application of ethics […]


People have different kind of believes upon religions and their religious leaders, while some are following atheism. Religion can be a way of life or they can be called as the programmed system of life. As every religion teaches to differentiate between good and bad, there are some people who have contributed to the literature […]

Ethics of wearing Hijab

During the ethics class we had question from a non-Muslim brother that wearing Hijab in a hot climate is ethical or not ethical”. To understand this we need to understand the concept of wearing a Hijab. It is not just to show that we are Muslims but also there are insights. It is primarily formed […]

Internet privacy

Internet privacy has become a major issue at current days whereby even the well protected government systems are being hacked. It has become a great risk whereby the personal information and secrets are being publicized or previewed by the whole world. It also involves the right or mandate of the personal privacy concerning the storing. […]


Corruption is today a world-wide problem. Almost all of us are aware that in our own countries some people in high positions have been charged for it. It is considered to be a spiritual or a moral impurity or a deviation from and ideal manner. It includes bribery and embezzlement. As I have mentioned earlier […]


Abortion is a very sensitive issue from the moral and ethical points of view, and there are numerous proponents and opponents of abortions among us. In my opinion it is a controversial issue. I would like to mansion my position regarding abortion legalization. As it is a controversial issue I would not agree to legalize […]

Current affair the first entry with a sad story – by Rimsana

Current affairs is the detailed analysis and discussion of news and stories that have recently occurred or are ongoing at this time. Newspaper, television, Internet and radio have surly become one of our main sources where we get the information which occurs on that particular time. Also can be considered as news and current affairs. […]